VOLUME V—1879.

PAGE A Fantasy of Hades— Stuart Sterne . . . . . 2... 2. we ee B67 Anacreon, a poeem— Wycombe Aby . .. . .... +2... se B Analysis of the Nibelungen—W. Ebeling . . . . . . 1... 219 Arnold of Rugby Grace C. Bibb. 2. . 2 2 1 ww wee CT4 Artist and his Purpose, The— Cyrus Cobb . . . . . . . «1. . 445 Bachelor Poet and the Peasant Girl, The—J. Munford Kerr . . . . 466 Cathedral and Mountain, a anne met Hi. Goby .....-.. & Charles Sumner ———— ; eee a 517 Current Notes . . . zm 101, 215, 314, 409, 511, 623 Dawn of the World, The, a spoon F. Mosby Death Rate of St. Louis Charles A. Todd . Diderot Gertrude Garrigues : England in the Age of Spenser Ahead So Essential Phases of Education, The—Wm. M. Bryant . Forewarned, a poem— Simeon Tucker Clarke . aad Frederick Hohenstauffen the Second— A. E. Kroeger Gaelic Revival, The— 7. F. Galwey Gutherz’s Ecce Homo, a poem Lyman Whitney Allen Incantation of Gréa, The, a poem— Myron H. Benton . Intellect in Music, The Charles H. Brittan Intellectuality of Music, The— Cyrus Cobb . Involution and Evolution —W. H. Butterfield . Life, a poem Albert F. Bridges Linguistic Reveries G. Bloede . Lines—J. W. Porter . : Teh Literary Movement in Time of Charles the Gok— Anis Wall = < e Marble Faun, The— Hope Reed. . . . . - se ee ee eee 265 Meditation, a poem . . oS a “eee Method of Studying Social Sclenae, The—Wm. T. Harris ee a: at New Heloise and the Sorrows of Werther, The— Mary E. Perry . . . 345 Orient under the Caliphs, The— Annie Wall . . . a ey ee Otto the Welf, and Philip Hohenstauffen A. E. Kroeger ca. Set. eee Philosophy of Art—Wm. M. Bryant. . . .. . - + « « 477,594 Poetry asan Art—H.H. Morgan . . . 2. 2. es we ew ew ew we WT


632 Index.

Protoplasm Elizabeth Quaiks . Raffaelle’s Madonna del Sisto, a poem Sou Whitney Allen . Raphael’s St. Cecilia— Wm. M. Bryant . :

Reflections »f an Attic Philosopher— Emma Carroll Toker Renaissance, The Gertrude Garrigues . . - Shakespeariana in the Public School Library F. M. Creeion ; Snow-mist, a poem ee ee ee ee ee Spenser— B. P. Drury .

Thackeray Grace C. Bibb. .

To Mexico and Isles of the Pacific Bovigue Pevmer °

To Ruin is not to Reform— L. F. Soldan

Venus di Milo, a poem Lyman Whitney Allen .


A History of Rome R. F. Leighton Clark & Maynard - A Method for the Study of English Literature Louise Maer tz— . C. Griggs & Co.

nine Biographies M. F. Srocstecr Houghton, Osgood & © 0.

A Short German Grammar E. S. Sheldon Ginn & Heath

Boston University Year-book. . .

Descriptive Catalogue of Books Seughion, Oagnt & Co. . a ae

Elements of Political Economy A. L. Perry Chas. Scribner’s Sons .

Elements of Rhetoric and Composition David J. Hill Sheldon & Co.

Elementary Lessons in History and English Grammar— R. M. Morris D. Appleton & Co. . . .

Elements of Logarithms J. M. Feree—Glan Brothers

Elements of Geometry G. A. Wentworth Ginn & Heath .

Exporter and Importer— E. W. Fox

Family Library of British Poetry —J. T. Fields and E. P. Whipple Houghton, Osgood & Co. . or a a ee 77% .

Government by Growth—John Bascom . .

Guides for Science Teaching— Ginn & Heath . ° .

Handbuch fur Kupferstichsammler— P. O. Andressen T. 0. Weigel

History of Egypt under the Pharaohs Henry Brugsch Bey .

History of American Literature— Moses Coit Tyler —G. P. Putman’s 8 Sons ..

John Talbot Geena: ee: Hills ‘Collins «

Lessons in German Grammar— Wm. H. Sunt. Witter

Library Notes— A. P. Russell Houghton, & Co.

Louisiana Journal of Education .

New Elementary Algebra Shelton P. Sand ad bail ‘B. ‘Lippincott. & Co.

Outlines for Study of English Classics— Albert F. Blaisdell —New England Publishing Co.

Personal Reminiscences of United States Military Academy A. B. Church a «

Plays of Shaheen Sieny N. Sete Gien & Heath °


Proceedings American Association Advancement of Science . ,

Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, and their Works—C. E. Clenante— Houghton, Osgood & Co. . ee

Rhetorical Method Henry W. ienaiin G. L Jones & Co.

Riches of Chaucer C. C. Clarke Crosby, Lockwood & Co. . . .

Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice Rev. Henry N. Hudson Ginn & Heath .. .

Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Hamlet H. N. Sadien—~ Glen & Heath .

Short History of German Literature— James K. Hosmer —G. I. Jones & Co. . a

Shelley J. A. aeee— Harper Brothers. .

Statistical Atlas of the United States Francis A. Walker

Stories from Virgil Alfred J. Church —Scribner & Welford . . .

Talks with Cwsar De Bello Gallico— L. Sauveur Henry Holt & Co.

The History of Rome Theodor Mommsen Carl Von Biihren

The Jesuits, by Paul Feval— 7. F. Galwey Murphy & Co.

The First Century of the Republic Harper Brothers . a tas

The Faith of our Fathers James Gibbons —J. Murphy & Co... .

The Orator’s Manual George L. Raymond —S. C. Griggs & Co.

The Three Pronounciations of Latin— M. M. Fisher New a Publishing Company

The Tragedy of Macbeth Allan Park Futen— Dinowten & Co.

Value of the Common-School Education to Common Labor Edward Jarvis Government Printing Office

What is the Bible? J. 7. Sunderland G. P. —_— 8 Se, ‘s Word and Work Rev. P. G. Robert W. P. Chittenden